The 2017 Conference

Five key themes

The 2017 conference will cover all aspects of the industry, with presentations grouped into five key themes:

Device technologies and the IoT business

Device-level technology is integral to realising the potential of IoT applications.

IoT sensors

Sensing devices are integral to IoT functionality.

IoT Security

While internet connectivity opens a world of possibilities it inherently carries the possibility that authorized access might be compromised.

IoT device-level research, development, manufacturing and supply chain

In order for interconnected devices to meet designers’ expectations while eliminating misgivings, every aspect of the supply chain must maximize productivity and economy to reach their goals

IoT diversity - The billion device 'niche'

While the evolving Internet of Things (IoT) can at the most rudimentary level be thought of as, 'connecting devices through the internet...' the IoT is actually a multifaceted universe of device- and system-level technologies working together.

Brussels: 7th - 8th March, 2017