The delegates

IoT International sponsor's experience unrivalled networking opportunities with the senior industry leaders who are working with the critical device level technologies, which are needed to build the IoT.

Who attends?

Interest in the IoT comes from many different professional groups within overall industry; this includes analysts, product marketers, product developers and researchers as well as the engineers who are directly tied to building physical devices. All concerned with the issues, technologies and device-level products that are serving or hope to serve the growing IoT marketplace.

  • Product Development Managers/Engineers
  • Business Development Managers/Directors
  • Applications Field Engineer's / Field Applications Support Techs
  • Product Marketing Managers/Directors
  • Manufacturing Managers/Engineers
  • Market Analysts
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Quality Assurance / Metrology / Warranty Engineers

Brussels: 7th - 8th March, 2017